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ABOUT TBOSouthill.........A conversation with the TBOSouthill creator

 What is Southill?

Let's talk about the two words, “South” and “Hill”.  South Hill is a very real place.

This is a place I visited frequently during my high school days, a place of peace, memorable interactions with friends, tiers of responsible adult faculty and above all, talent boosting. Many of the TBOSouthill characters and stories started to take form here. So for root identification’s sake, the words South and Hill had to be in some way part of the book.

 But you spell South Hill as Southill.

I wanted a relation to South Hill but I also wanted my identity, so the “H” was lost.

And the TBO?

I have accumulated a lot of ideas in my mind over the years, the thought of creating my own stories  then eventually bringing them to life on my computer is a feeling that a football fan gets when his favorite team scores a goal. There was, however, one problem, my ideas were frequently written on scraps of paper and scattered about the house, until my sister brought me a journal for my work with a nice sturdy cover. (Well, my scraps of paper were just untidy and all over her house).

That was a milestone for TBOSouthill because now I had to be accountable for the story ideas I wrote down. Responsible in a sense, to nurture the ideas into a complete character development from the beginning to the very end.
So the journal became the stage for Southill and The Book Of Southill (TBOSouthill) was conceived.

So what are we to expect from TBOSouthill?

I have always had ideas about movies that were never made and movie sequels not yet thought of set on a stage for an African audience.

I toyed with the idea of interpreting Shakespeare’s work my way. Inspired by "Taming the shrew" and visualizing a volatile African aunt; extreme, unfiltered, untamed. At the time my biggest fantasy were created from "Macbeth" the themes were common: An African monarchy, witchcraft and black magic, an overzealous wife, power, ambition and village calamity; the chief betrayed and murdered by a loyal and close friend.

All this drama was locked away in my head or noted on scraps of paper thrown away during a room clean up. I sometimes recanted what I knew were great action movie sequels to my sisters. (And yes they were amused) I thought about the raw and numerous historical African tales untold beyond their own narrow borders and yet they have all heard about Star Wars, Sleeping beauty...the brothers Grimm Tales and yes about the man of Steel, Superman. (He has been to these boarders seen flying over the African Savannah and wrestled with a couple of lions).

TBOSouthill is now going to bring you African tales untainted and I hope the ride will be exciting to my audience as it has been for me.

My vision has always been to bring cheer and laughter home!

 Who inspired your character?

I salute a lot of great entertainers and creators like Mel Brooks, Eddie Murphy, Gerald Thomas of "The Carry On" British series, Byron Kawadwa (whom am sure none of you know), Cary Grant, Jackie Chan, David Zucker, Hitchcock, the Archie comic creators, the creators of the Bud Spencer/Terence Hill movies, Vince Mahon, Asterix creators René Goscinny and Albert Udez, I mean the list respectively goes on.



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